Why Choose Us

Ideal Six-star facilities close to your heart

Heavily invested in Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the first six-star colubarium in Singapore, provides an ideal resting environment

Traditional cultural activities

Prayers on Chinese New Year, Qing Ming, Vesak Day, Zhong Yuan and etc

Wonders of "Feng Shui" & faith

We follow the auspicious Feng-Shui arrangement, attracting the positive energy to where our Ancestors are

Peaceful memories

Take advantage of our serence surroundings to remember your loved ones in peace

0% interest easy payment plan

Very affordable with the interest FREE installment plans

Committed to growth & continuity

Our trust fund is managed by Rockwillis Trustee Limited, an approved and acknowledge trust fund

Plan early for peace of mind

Relieve your mind of the anxiety of making decisions

Warm service that reminds you of home

We offer the best amenities and services for your utmost comfort like home

Only 1-time maintenance fee

No annual management fee, only the initial 1-time maintenance fee

Personalised & professional

Our team is professional, knowledgeable and warm, ready to manage all your needs


He is very passionate and knowledgeable when introducing Nirvana to me.I first noticed Nirvana thru his video on Facebook which very well introduced Nirvana and it’s purpose, this video made me realised it is very important to plan ahead especially for afterlife be it for me or my parents even though I was a very ‘pan dang’ person. After looking for him to understand more, we arrange time to go down to understand more and see the place. During this time, He patiently and professionally explained the details to me and addressed my concerns. This makes me very assured that he really is very professional and I finally procured from him. In the sales process, things are smoothly done, as I have many other financial concerns, He helped to secure the best possible payment options for me which really helped me and it makes me even happy that I choose to procure from him. Cooperation goes a long way and I believe He will always be there to assist me in future! Kudos to Him and wish him success!


Wilson Lee thank you for bringing us around Nirvana Memorial Park. The design of this place is thoughtfully planned, the environment is clean and temperature is just right, not hot at all. We got the chance to understand a lot of things. Thank you David Chin for helping us arrange an ideal columbarium suite unit with geomantic qualities which saved us time. Thank you all for your professional and friendly service. The main point being is that our chosen suite unit is affordable.

Serene Lam

Mr David Chin provided very good service, attentive and patient, will recommend!

Choo Cindy

David Chin is undeniably passionate and knowledgeable for his profession. Friendly and also approachable when it comes to his service. Definitely would recommend him if any friends or clients are looking for the service!

Celester Loh

David was professional, sensitive and efficient. Nirvana Singapore are not expensive and its reasonable. We luckily got David to give us a site tour to understand the environment. Highly recommended!

Sy Ying

It was difficult to make big decisions on the modality of the wake when we were shaken and grieving over the passing of my father. David was professional and never pushy in his presentation of options.

Ying Xiao