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Funeral Services

We provide full-range funeral service packages for religious and non-religious ceremonies. You may approach our consultants for funeral and afterlife pre-planning for the best deals for you and your loved ones. Our team will also be on hand to provide 24/7 service and support should you require our services on a short notice.


Our columbarium at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is designed to be a tranquil sanctuary where your loved one can rest peacefully. Choose from a range of suites that feature different themes and intricate designs – Premium Suite, Modern Suite, Classic Suite, Standard Suite, Mansionette Suite, and Family Suite – for the perfect final resting place for your loved one.


Ancestral Pedestals in Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore are good alternatives for people who do not have time to attend to the worship rituals at home. We offer pedestals which are placed in an elegant, air-conditioned hall, in the company of godliness for eternal memorial honouring to accomodate the modern lifestyle.

Niche Relocation & Grabe Exhumation

Are you affected by the exhumation of more than 80,000 graves for the expansion of Tengah Airbase? Or the relocation of niches from Mount Vernon Columbarium?

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the ideal final resting place for your loved ones. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of clients with such relocations and exhumations.

Prayer Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is not just a tranquil final resting place for your loved ones but also a memorial garden where you can continue to pay your respects through prayer services from the moment your loved one passes, during Chinese festivals, birth anniversaries, death anniversaries, and offerings/prayers to avert misfortunes and sufferings.

More Services

  • Ching Ming Festival
  • Chinese New Year’s
  • Lunar New Year
  • Lantern Festival
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Moon Festival
  • Winter Solstice

Dedicated professional service

Free “49th day” prayer service (An Ling). Our in house monks chants and pray on daily basis. Chauffeured and dedicated bone picking service. Professional service consultant will assist throughout the journey with you.