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Ideal Six-star facilities close to your heart

Heavily invested in Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the first six-star colubarium in Singapore, provide an ideal resting environment

Traditional cultural activities

Prayers on Chinese New Year, Qing Ming, Vesak Day, Zhong Yuan and etc

Wonders of "Feng Shui" & faith

We follow the auspicious Feng-Shui arrangement, attracting the positive energy to where our Ancestors are

Peaceful memories

Take advantage of our serence surroundings to remember your loved ones in peace

0% interest easy payment plan

Very affordable with the interest FREE installment plans

Committed to growth & continuity

Our trust fund is managed by Rockwillis Trustee Limited, an approved and acknowledge trust fund

Plan early for peace of mind

Relieve your mind of the anxiety of making decisions

Warm service that reminds you of home

We offer the best amenities and services for your utmost comfort like home

Only 1-time maintenance fee

No annual management fee, only the initial 1-time maintenance fee

Personalised & professional

3. Our team is professional, knowledgably and warm, ready to manage all your needs

Dedicated professional service

Free “49th day” prayer service (An Ling). Our in house monks chants and pray on daily basis. Chauffeured and dedicated bone picking service. Professional service consultant will assist throughout the journey with you.

About Us

Established in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden is part of Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Asia Group, a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider that boasts over one decade of experience in memorial park operations.

Nirvana encompasses the vision of modernization and globalization, without compromising on the importance of keeping pace with social needs. Through the deeply rooted Chinese funeral service industry, Nirvana enriches the fine quality of the Chinese bereavement culture through continuing the tradition of honour and reverence of ancestors by their descendants.

Nirvana lives by the ‘Caring for Life’ philosophy. At Nirvana, you can always expect a pleasant experience during a pivotal moment through professional, detailed, comprehensive and well-acclaimed, one-stop-worrying-free funeral services. Professionalism and quality of service are synonymous with out benchmarks that drive us towards excellence.


To be a caring and responsible and organization. We are committed to providing quality services to. clients with personal care and attention.


To demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism whole assisting clients and their family members at the pivotal times of their lives. To exercise our responsibility as an industry leader by setting high standards of service, safety and fair business practices.

Core Values

LOVE – Care and respect to everyone around us

INTEGRITY – Being honest and doing the right thing

FOCUS – Delivering value to customer and stakeholders

EMPATHY – Exercising compassion to ourselves and to others

Our Products & Services

Funeral Services

We provide full-range funeral service packages for religious and non-religious ceremonies. You may approach our consultants for funeral and afterlife pre-planning for the best deals for you and your loved ones. Our team will also be on hand to provide 24/7 service and support should you require our services on a short notice.


Our columbarium at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is designed to be a tranquil sanctuary where your loved one can rest peacefully. Choose from a range of suites that feature different themes and intricate designs – Premium Suite, Modern Suite, Classic Suite, Standard Suite, Mansionette Suite, and Family Suite – for the perfect final resting place for your loved one.


Ancestral Pedestals in Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore are good alternatives for people who do not have time to attend to the worship rituals at home. We offer pedestals which are placed in an elegant, air-conditioned hall, in the company of godliness for eternal memorial honouring to accomodate the modern lifestyle.

Lin San Temple

Located at 27 Lorong 12 in Geylang, Lin San Temple was established by the Hakka Venerable Ruixiang from Guangdong. 

20 years ago Lin San Temple was labelled as an unsafe building and had to be rebuilt. Due to the damage of foundation, insufficient funding and more, Venerable Seang Heng always wished to rebuild the temple completely, even till his passing in 2017. After several fundraising efforts from the community, the rebuilding of Lin San Temple has finally come into realization.

Prayer Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is not just a tranquil final resting place for your loved ones but also a memorial garden where you can continue to pay your respects through prayer services from the moment your loved one passes, during Chinese festivals, birth anniversaries, death anniversaries, and offerings/prayers to avert misfortunes and sufferings.

More Services
  • Ching Ming Festival
  • Chinese New Year’s
  • Lunar New Year
  • Lantern Festival
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Moon Festival
  • Winter Solstice
Niche Relocation & Grabe Exhumation

Are you affected by the exhumation of more than 80,000 graves for the expansion of Tengah Airbase? Or the relocation of niches from Mount Vernon Columbarium?

Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the ideal final resting place for your loved ones. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of clients with such relocations and exhumations.

World-class & full-fledge bereavement care provider &
funeral service in singapore


Give your loved one a loving and dignified farewell with the help of our team at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore

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*Free two-way shuttle service provided from Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore to Boon Lay.


He is very passionate and knowledgeable when introducing Nirvana to me.I first noticed Nirvana thru his video on Facebook which very well introduced Nirvana and it’s purpose, this video made me realised it is very important to plan ahead especially for afterlife be it for me or my parents even though I was a very ‘pan dang’ person. After looking for him to understand more, we arrange time to go down to understand more and see the place. During this time, He patiently and professionally explained the details to me and addressed my concerns. This makes me very assured that he really is very professional and I finally procured from him. In the sales process, things are smoothly done, as I have many other financial concerns, He helped to secure the best possible payment options for me which really helped me and it makes me even happy that I choose to procure from him. Cooperation goes a long way and I believe He will always be there to assist me in future! Kudos to Him and wish him success!


Wilson Lee thank you for bringing us around Nirvana Memorial Park. The design of this place is thoughtfully planned, the environment is clean and temperature is just right, not hot at all. We got the chance to understand a lot of things. Thank you David Chin for helping us arrange an ideal columbarium suite unit with geomantic qualities which saved us time. Thank you all for your professional and friendly service. The main point being is that our chosen suite unit is affordable.

Serene Lam

Mr David Chin provided very good service, attentive and patient, will recommend!

Choo Cindy

David Chin is undeniably passionate and knowledgeable for his profession. Friendly and also approachable when it comes to his service. Definitely would recommend him if any friends or clients are looking for the service!

Celester Loh

David Chin is undeniably passionate and knowledgeable for his profession. Friendly and also approachable when it comes to his service. Definitely would recommend him if any friends or clients are looking for the service!

Celester Loh


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